Study skills support

Study skills support helps students to work more efficiently by improving their generic study skills, for example in essay construction and writing, examination techniques and revision skills. The aim is to maximise students’ ability, addressing the barriers caused by their specific learning difference or disability, allowing them to become independent learners. Study skills tuition is non-subject specific and does not mean ‘lessons’ with the tutor ‘teaching’, but student-led sessions where the tutor acts as a facilitator and the student takes responsibility for developing their own learning processes.

The content of study skills sessions will vary from student to student, but Study Skills Tutors will typically support students in the following areas:

  • Research – using research tools effectively; mastering core research skills; reading efficiently; managing the reading load; developing library skills.
  • Composition – planning, structuring, editing and proofreading written work; referencing correctly; using spelling strategies.
  • Notetaking – skills for taking effective lecture notes; making economical research notes for a specific purpose.
  • Time management – pacing your studies; planning written work; developing effective organisational skills.
  • Examination skills – revision techniques; making revision timetables; capitalising on extra time in exams.
  • Placement skills – writing reflectively; diary-writing techniques; effective use of professional language.
In addition to these areas, many students find that their study skills sessions are a valuable opportunity to bounce their ideas off a supportive listener. The Degree Doctor offers a professional yet relaxed service where students are supported in all aspects of studying in the higher education environment. Contact us to discuss your specific study skills needs and find out more about how we can support you.